This page is just a place to store handy links:


Green Party:

  • Election Platform 2019 (launched on 16-Sep) <— start here to get an overview of the platform, and drill down as much as you like


  • Kanata-Carleton Census profile (Statistics Canada)

  • Health: 2018-lancet-countdown-policy-brief-canada

  • IPCC:

    • Special Report on Global Warming of 1.5 degrees Celsius - Summary (this is the IPCC report issued in fall 2018 that got a lot of media attn)

    • Canada’s Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) (i.e. what our government has committed to)

  • Environment Canada:

    • Canada’s Climate Plan

    • Canada’s GHG emissions (some high level info on Canada, provinces & sectors. The PDF breaks out more detail)

    • Canada’s Changing Climate Report 2019 - Exec Summary (this is the Canadian report issued in early 2019 that got a lot of media attn)

  • Elections Canada:

  • Climate science:

    • Skeptical Science - Explaining climate change science & rebutting global warming misinformation (your first stop if you need to debunk climate BS like “it’s the sun”, “the climate’s always changing”, etc.)

    • Real climate - climate science from climate scientists (this gets deep in the weeds but is very informative if you’re interested in the latest science; it’s also where controversial findings are often first discussed)

  • Signs:

    • Ottawa City By-law 2003-520 allow 60/30 days for private/public. But this notice allows 50 days or writ drop, whichever is later.

  • Polls: 338Canada for Kanata—Carleton (<— don’t read to much into these - they make a lot of assumptions)


  • Open with something like:

    • “Hi, I’m a volunteer with the Green Party. How are you today? ___ We’re canvassing the area with Jennifer Purdy, our candidate. Have considered voting Green before?” OR

    • “Hi, I’m a volunteer canvassing for Jennifer Purdy of the Green Party. How are you today? ___ We’re out today to talk to people about the election. Do you usually vote? ____ This is a very important election. It’s not just a choice between political parties, but about what sort of future we have; for us, for our children and for the planet.”

  • Look for “no soliciting” or “do not disturb” stickers. Ring, leave leaflet or skip as seems appropriate / your comfort level.

  • If ppl indicate strong green, then ask if they’ll take a sign.

  • Note who you speak to if possible in order to properly indicate support (since not all ppl in a home vote the same way).

  • Mark homes of other party signs. It’s up to you as to whether to canvass here - remember that not everyone in a home votes the same way, but be prepared to acknowledge their sign. You could say something like: “Hi, I saw your sign but I thought I’d check to see if anyone else might be interested in the Green Party…”

  • Use the following short-hand:

    • N/H = Not Home —> enter as “Not home”. Mark against first person listed unless you know who you’re speaking to.

    • N/I = No interest —> mark as Weak Oppn & enter “No interest”

    • N/S = No soliciting sign - it’s your choice whether to ring - just be prepared to acknowledge the sign.

    • Undecided / some interest / considering —> mark as Undecided

    • S/I = Strong interest —> mark as Weak Green

    • Reserve “Strong Green” for people who commit to voting Green or indicate same by taking a sign or making a donation.

    • Hard no! —> enter as Strong Oppn; add party if known.

This is a test CO2 widget that I want to put on the website; however it is showing June 2018 reading, instead of 2019.

I’ll leave it here to see if it updates when monthly July data is in.