Kanata-Carleton was a new riding created for the 2015 federal election. In early 2017, the provincial riding boundaries were realigned to match. This riding was formed from the previous riding of Carleton-Mississippi Mills (CMM).

Not sure if Kanata-Carleton is your riding?

  • If you live in Kanata North (City of Ottawa Ward 4), Kanata South (Ward 23) or West Carleton (Ward 5), then you live in the riding of Kanata-Carleton.

  • If you live in or around Stittsville (Ward 6), then your riding is Carleton;

  • If you live in, near or west of Almonte (Mississippi-Mills), then your riding is Lanark-Frontenac-Kingston;

  • Check out the map and detailed boundary description below or use this riding finder.

Kanata-Carleton (note the north arrow)

Boundaries description

"Consisting of that part of the City of Ottawa described as follows: commencing at the intersection of the westerly limit of said city with Highway No. 7; thence generally northeasterly along said highway to Highway No. 417; thence northeasterly along said highway to Huntmar Drive; thence southeasterly along said drive to Maple Grove Road; thence northeasterly along said road to the Carp River; thence generally southeasterly along said river to the southwesterly production of Spearman Lane; thence northeasterly along said production to Terry Fox Drive; thence generally southeasterly along said drive to Hope Side Road; thence northeasterly along said road to Richmond Road; thence northerly along said road to West Hunt Club Road; thence northwesterly in a straight line to the intersection of Haanel Drive with Robertson Road; thence southwesterly along said road to Eagleson Road; thence generally northwesterly along said road, March Road, Herzberg Road and March Valley Road (Fourth Line) to Riddell Drive; thence northeasterly along said drive and its northeasterly production to the interprovincial boundary between Ontario and Quebec; thence generally westerly along said boundary to the northerly limit of said city; thence generally southwesterly and generally southeasterly along the northerly and westerly limits of said city to the point of commencement."

Elections Canada

Updated: 26-Mar-2017 to reflect that provincial riding of Kanata-Carleton now matches federal riding.