Introducing Jennifer Purdy

Introducing Jennifer Purdy

We’re excited to present our GPC candidate for the 2019 federal election:

Dr. Jennifer Purdy is a family medicine physician who recently retired from the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) after over 23 years in the Regular Force. She lives in Dunrobin, with her husband William Whelan, on a hobby farm. She currently provides medical care in Lifestyle Medicine (LM) in Kanata.

All in on Climate Change in 2019!

The next federal election must be about Canada’s actions to address climate change. The current government’s approach is insufficient and hypocritical: it kept the Harper government’s GHG reduction targets; continues to subsidize the oil-and-gas industry; and has now bought an aging pipeline. The Conservatives, both provincially and federally, are fighting any price on carbon, and proposing no effective alternative. Here are three things you can do.

Confused by Electoral Reform?

Confused by electoral reform? Join the club; even the Electoral Reform Committee doesn’t know what they’re going to propose. That said, you can still learn about the broad types of voting systems and the pros and cons of each. Try these primers from The Current or Samara. If that whets your appetite, you can learn more from organizations dedicated to reforming Canada’s voting system such as Fair Vote Canada and LeadNow's VoteBetter campaign. Then, tell our MP what you think.

South March Highlands Needs Your Help

The South March Highlands (SMH) is an urban forest in Kanata North. Despite being home to many species-at-risk, including the Butternut tree, Blanding's Turtle and Least Bittern heron, and adjacent to a designated Provincially Significant Wetland (PSW), it is to be razed for home development. The developer seeks a permit to:

  • Remove up to 120 Butternut trees;
  • Kill, harm and harass Blanding’s Turtle; and 
  • Kill, harm and harass Least Bittern.

Bold Action on Climate

Climate change is both the biggest challenge and the biggest opportunity that Canada has ever faced. While the consequences of failing to address climate change would be catastrophic, our transition to a green, sustainable economy will create good local jobs, shorter commutes, more livable cities, and cleaner air and water.

Our plan is to move to the virtual elimination of fossil fuel use in Canada by mid-century. Our
targets are 40 percent below 2005 levels by 2025, and 80 percent below 1990 levels by 2050. These are ambitious targets, yet the scale and urgency of this challenge demands nothing less. It is time for Canada to take bold climate action.

Good Government

Good government is founded on prudent planning and rational, evidence-based decision-making. It needs to engage with, and be responsive to, the concerns of all Canadian citizens. The critical first step is an end to first-past-the-post voting, an end to false majorities, and the creation of a voting system that ensures all Canadians have a voice in our government.

The Green Party is the only party committed to ending whipped votes. MPs from the other parties in Parliament routinely face whipped votes – they must vote the party line or face punishments, such as not being allowed to speak in the House or even being thrown out of the party. Green MPs will be free to put their conscience and their constituents first. 

Strong Communities

We need a government that will invest in the fundamental building blocks on which our neighbourhoods rely – from healthcare to transit, child care to public parks, bridges to local agriculture. The current situation is not working for many Canadians. Canadians are being asked to pay out-of-pocket for everything from prescription medicine to dental care, while child care is becoming increasingly unaffordable. Many households are having trouble making ends meet. We want to invest in our communities, because strong communities are the foundation on which Canada has been built, and on which Canada depends. 

Sustainable Economy

More and more of us are concerned that our children will not enjoy the same standard of living as we have. Canada is richer than it has ever been yet, yet we are told we can no longer afford it, and must cut back spending on the social services we all want and need. There is a serious disconnect between the unprecedented wealth produced by the Canadian economy and the increasing economic insecurity of Canadians. That's why we must take decisive action to build a sustainable economy that benefits all Canadians over the long-term.

Platform Launch

Platform Launch

The Green Party platform is a plan for all Canadians, for our democracy, our economy, our communities – our future. It is a plan for safe, happy, fulfilled and enriched lives. It is a plan to help those in need, to support small business and to grow local communities. It is a plan filled with optimism and conviction, not fear and the status quo. We hope it will inspire you to join us, and to vote Green on October 19.