Seventeen Greens now represent Canadians in four provinces and federally

Eight Greens have been elected in PEI (with 30% of the vote!) joining three each in British Columbia and New Brunswick plus Mike Schreiner here in Ontario. Federally, Elizabeth May has been joined by Paul Manly, adding to the steady increase in Green representatives across Canada in the last few years. All are making a difference speaking truth to power.

Together, we can do more. Help us elect Jennifer Purdy in Kanata—Carleton:

You can donate to both provincial and federal Greens. Each is eligible for generous tax rebates on your respective provincial and federal tax return. The rebate is 75% on the first $400 of donation. This means, for example, that a $100 donation will only cost you $25 after taxes. With the link above, you can donate securely to Kanata—Carleton Greens through the Green Party of Canada site. To join or donate to Ontario Greens, use the link at the bottom of this page.

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