2018 is the year we will elect Green Members of Provincial Parliament in Ontario.

The time is now to follow in the footsteps of our provincial counterparts in New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and most recently British Columbia, where Greens hold the balance of responsibility. A handful of MPPs can make the difference in what may well be a divided Ontario legislature in June 2018. Andrew West is our choice for Kanata-Carleton.

We have a great opportunity to elect Andrew West as our MPP! 

Please donate today to help us reach our fundraising target.

Your donations will help us to build the Green presence towards the next election campaign. You can donate to both provincial and federal Greens. Each is eligible for generous tax rebates on your respective provincial and federal tax return. The rebate is 75% on the first $400 of donation. This means, for example, that a $100 donation will only cost you $25 after taxes.

With the link below, you can donate securely to Kanata-Carleton Greens through the Green Party of Ontario site.

We need your donations, but we also need you! Let us know if you are able to volunteer leading up to or during the campaign. We need to knock on doors, make phone calls, deploy signs, and more.