Bold Action on Climate

Because We Live Here

The Green Party has a comprehensive plan for a sustainable economy, strong communities, good government and bold action on climate change. This post is the last of four summaries based on the Green Party platform

Climate change is both the biggest challenge and the biggest opportunity that Canada has ever faced. While the consequences of failing to address climate change would be catastrophic, our transition to a green, sustainable economy will create good local jobs, shorter commutes, more livable cities, and cleaner air and water.

Our plan is to move to the virtual elimination of fossil fuel use in Canada by mid-century. Our
targets are 40 percent below 2005 levels by 2025, and 80 percent below 1990 levels by 2050. These are ambitious targets, yet the scale and urgency of this challenge demands nothing less. It is time for Canada to take bold climate action.

  • Defend our Coastal Waters from Risky Pipelines and Oil Tankers

Only Green MPs will put our coastal communities first by standing against all new raw bitumen export schemes.

  • Arrest the Growth in Oil Sands Expansion

Protecting existing jobs in the industry, creating new jobs by upgrading and refining existing production, and providing skills training for workers who have been laid off or who want to transition to more stable, long-term jobs. This strategy (more Peter Lougheed and less Ralph Klein) would actually help Alberta’s economy avoid the disruptive boom and bust cycle.

  • Implement a Robust Canadian Climate and Energy Strategy

Partnering with the provinces to price carbon, implement a Canadian Fee and Dividend Plan, rapidly phase out coal-fired electricity, and transition to a prosperous, decarbonized economy.

  • Create a National Transportation Strategy

Strict new rail safety laws and new investment for Canada’s rail system to ensure efficient rail travel and safe movement of hazardous industrial goods including oil and gas.

  • End Thermal Coal Exports

Work with provinces to ensure the rapid phase-out of coal fired generation plants within Canada. Existing coal-fired infrastructure at home and abroad is keeping the world on an unsustainable path. We must do our part by curtailing the export of thermal coal from Canadian ports.

  • Demonstrate Climate Leadership at the UN Climate Summit in Paris

The 21st Conference of the Parties (COP21) will start just 40 days after our federal election. It represents the last, best and only chance for humanity to avert an intensified climate crisis and to prevent runaway global warming.

The Green Party platform is a plan for all Canadians, for our democracy, our economy, our communities – for our future, together. Green MPs will lead Canada into a clean, green, sustainable future. We hope it will inspire you to join us, and to vote Green on October 19.