Sustainable Economy

Because Tomorrow is Serious Business.

The Green Party has a comprehensive plan for a sustainable economy, strong communities, good government and bold action on climate change. This post is the first of four summaries based on the Green Party platform

More and more of us are concerned that our children will not enjoy the same standard of living as we have. Canada is richer than it has ever been yet, yet we are told we can no longer afford it, and must cut back spending on the social services we all want and need. There is a serious disconnect between the unprecedented wealth produced by the Canadian economy and the increasing economic insecurity of Canadians. That's why we must take decisive action to build a sustainable economy that benefits all Canadians over the long-term. Here's what Greens would work do to:

  • Establish a Canadian Sustainable Generations Fund

Secure Canada’s economic leadership over the coming decade by creating a fund to invest in skills-training, education, energy efficiency, renewables, and emerging technologies.

  • Roll Out a National Sustainable Jobs Plan

Put Canadians to work by investing in well-paying, local, and sustainable jobs in our communities.

  • Slash Canada's Student Debt Today, and Abolish Tuition Fees for College and University Education

It’s time to break the status quo on education in Canada and abolish tuition fees for college, university and skills training programs to help students and their families.

  • Partnering With First Nations for Truly Responsible Resource Development in the Long-Term Public Interest

Building a new era of nation-to-nation respect and partnership starts with recognizing First Nations’ inherent rights and title.

  • Putting Canadian Small Business Owners First

Ensure Canadian small business owners and entrepreneurs have access to the funds they need to create local jobs and revitalize local economies.

  • Supporting Local Food and Small-Scale Producers

In a time of dominance by global industrial food systems, we want to rebalance the equation by creating resilient local economies fueled by local growers, farmers, and producers.

The Green Party platform is a plan for all Canadians, for our democracy, our economy, our communities – for our future, together.  We are offering a plan filled with optimism and conviction, not fear and the status quo. We hope it will inspire you to join us, and to vote Green on October 19.