Does My Vote Count?

Do you know someone who has given up on voting? Lost faith in the political process? Decided that all political parties are the same? Are you that person? The Harper government has made it even harder for youth, First Nations and homeless to vote. Why? Because they know you won't vote for them, since Harper's policies favour older, wealthier, established Canadians. But that's no reason not to vote. Elizabeth May puts it succinctly when she says: 

Voting isn't something you do because you support political parties. Voting is something you do to control your own future.

"I no longer vote. I feel like the system is broken and my vote doesn't count." 40% of registered voters in Canada do not vote. #greens4canada offer an alternative to the same old approach; a way for you to re-engage and help shape Canada's future.

That's why we're reaching out to people who don't vote or have stopped voting. We think you'll find a lot to like about our vision for a Canada that works, together, for everyone. 

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