UPDATED: Green Representation Across Canada

April 23, 2019 marked a significant milestone for Green representation in Canada: the first time a Green Party has achieved Official Opposition status. The candidates of the Green Party of PEI won 8 of 27 seats with 30% of the vote. This less than two years after three BC Greens assumed the balance of power on the west coast with 17% of the vote. The chart below shows the history of Green representation across Canada, including the first member elected by province, and these major milestones. After a cautious start, Canadians are electing a growing number of Greens.

Greens MPs in Canada 2019-05-07.png

A Green wave is spreading across Canada. It’s strongest on the east and west coasts, but it’s moving inland. Our challenge is to raise that wave across Canada for the next federal election.

Canadians can and are voting Green. It’s time!

Updated: On 6-May-2019, Paul Manly was elected the federal member for Nanaimo-Ladysmith in BC.