Supporting local food, farmers and rural economies

Here is the Green Vision to support local food, farmers, and rural economies like those in West Carleton:

  • Invest in rural infrastructure, research and innovation, plant-based manufacturing products, distribution hubs, farmer co-ops, organic and specialty crops to support rural job creation and incomes.
  • Invest in better broadband infrastructure for rural and remote communities.
  • Reward farmers for stewardship practices that provide environmental and community benefits such as clean water, habitat preservation, soil health and carbon storage.
  • Eliminate tax penalties and reduce zoning restrictions to facilitate local, on-farm food enterprises and innovative sources of farm income.
  • Improve income stabilization programs so they are more accessible for family farms, cover a wider range of products and don’t penalize farmers who experience bad years.
  • Set measurable Ontario food purchasing targets for all public institutions.
  • Pass the Organic Products Act, which would establish a standard definition for Organic, so that any producer’s use of the term can be backed up by third-party certification that they use sound organic practices that protect our water and soil.
  • Implement a long-term Organic Growth Strategy that will support transition, small-scale certification, access to organic advisors and capital, and organic research and promotion expansion. Establish an organic check-off program to provide marketing support for organic farmers.
  • Establish an Ontario Food and Farming Policy Council to coordinate planning across ministries and consult diverse stakeholders.
  • Increase funding support for local food and beverage processors to create jobs and support Ontario farmers.

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