Our platform: people powered change

Backroom deals. Political games. Accounting gimmicks. We can do better.

We want to work with you to build a better future, one fueled by people powered change. It’s time to do politics differently. We can change the political status quo in Ontario. Our platform is focussed on jobs, people and planet.

Jobs People Planet

Leap into the clean economy

Creating jobs in the clean innovation economy

Unlock housing so everyone has a place they can afford to call home

Require new developments to have a minimum of 20% affordable homes

Getting the basics right for our province

Protect air, water and farmland

Make our homes and businesses more energy efficient

It’s simple, save money by saving energy

Provide everyone access to mental health services

Make mental health services part of OHIP+

Develop a long-term energy plan

Set Ontario on a pathway to 100% renewable energy

Support jobs in your community

Lower payroll taxes on small, local businesses and nonprofits

Make sure no one falls through the cracks

Implement a Basic Income Guarantee for all Ontarians

Getting you home faster

Paying for the public transit infrastructure and services we need.

Photo via Mike Schreiner, Leader, GPO (@MikeSchreiner)